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    So since I started using WP Drudge to aggregate news on my niche news subdomain, my SSL is reporting errors. It is my guess that it has something to do with the image function for posted links. Many of the article I aggregate don’t have SSL so their images don’t as well. I’d like to keep my site secure but at the same time, I’d really rather not upload someone else’s copyrighted images up to my site.

    Would love to hear if anyone has run into this, and has come up with a legal work around?


    Why has it been over 5 days without any comment from support? I get it, you don’t have an answer, but at least acknowledge that fact with a response.


    Actually i dont get your point please explain your requirement with screenshot so that we can understand


    When you purchase an SSL for a website, you are giving your readers a level of security over non-ssl sites. If you look at this site, it says Secure | https://theproper

    If you were using your theme for this site unless every image you use is from a secure ssl site, it would not read Secure. Why? Because you have unsecured images on your site. I want to know if anyone has figured out a work around for this problem.


    Hi Richard,

    Actually the site ( has a SSL certificate but the images are being use here may be insecure so you need to manually updated the link to http to https

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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