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Welcome! Support WP-Drudge Basic Use This RSS feed URL is deprecated…

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  • Debra

    I’m getting this at the top of all of my google news feeds on the wp-drudge theme. PLEASE FIX ASAP.



    Am getting the same error at


    Hi FEMI,

    Please share your admin credentials and FTP details so that we can do this for you ASAP.



    Are you updating the plugin with a fix ?


    Any idea how long its going to take to fix this? i sent my admin credentials but still waiting for a response.


    Any update on the “This RSS feed URL is deprecated” issue?


    I’m a WP-Drudge theme user and having the same ‘deprecated’ issue.
    This has been going on for months and no resolution.

    I was warned by other bloggers not to trust ProperWeb and their theme WP-DRUDGE…it’s a one-man band operation that can’t give support.
    I’ve had it with the WP-DRUDGE theme…I am going to cut my losses and just dump it and find another theme.


    Hey the support team sent me the fix, so if you still need your site updated just contact me at contact page, and I can email it to you. Support fixed it and then I did an update all and it broke again. I have the file that has to ftp to fix it.


    my blog partner got the info from you debra…thanks so much…but neither of us is a techie…although you provided the path, still could not find exactly where and how to upload the file…lol…forgive us for our ignorance.

    to be honest the support team here should just put up a quick video on how to resolve this ‘deprecated’ problem…

    why are they absent from this thread? this issue has been going on for months


    I provided an admin login and password for the tech support this morning (for the second time)…any updates please wp-drudge team??????? …i still have the deprecated issue…


    Hello wp-drudge support team…sent you another email to help resolve this deprecated issue. thanks.


    wp drudge support can you please respond? the issue is still not fixed


    Hi Jonmoore,

    Please submit your issue with admin credentials and FTP details through

    We will solve the issue immediately.


    I just sent you details again for the third time in a month. Please fix this issue asap.


    hello proper support. i also emailed you at your email address and it just bounced back as undeliverable:
    “the email account that you tried to reach is disabled”
    (i had emailed you successfully on the same address earlier this month and received a reply from you from that address…so is there a problem???)


    Hi jon,

    We have solved your issue


    I have the same issue. Please help resolve. Thanks!


    Hello Support. Please help me with this same issue ASAP.


    I am very disappointed with the lack of response from properweb. What is going on over there? You used to be very excellent. Please respond.


    If anyone is still looking for the fix, please let me know. I’ve updated the widget to use the new google news rss feed formula.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 30 total)

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