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    Please see:

    Along the very top of the page, under date+time, you will see four buttons. Three of those buttons have different regions listed ‘Global’, ‘United States’, ‘Australia’.

    My question is.. is it possible for me to host multiple WP-Drudge sites with different subdomains under the one domain, For instance, or

    If that is not a clear question I am happy to further clarify – thanks!


    I’ve already added under subdomains on my hosting service, GoDaddy..

    just wondering how do I initiate building a new WP-Drudge site on it? I have the unlimited license..

    The subdomain sits in the file /public_html/nyc

    PROPER Web

    Sorry for the delay in my response here, Brian.

    How that’s setup depends on your host, really. Best bet is to use an auto-installer, which I believe GoDaddy has. You’ll choose the location and just spin up a new WordPress install. Here is a doc on the process:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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