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    Hello Josh,
    I am trying to create a customized RSS Feed. I went through the tutorial. Now I am down to the final step and can’t make it work. I have all of my new feeds added. How do I get the new feeds to show on my website? I have literally gone through everything for hours and still can’t get it to work. I created a new category called it feeds. No dice. It does say that my feeds are all turned on. Got the green light, just can’t get it to show up on my site…thanks! Francesca

    PROPER Web

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the trouble. Are you using the WP RSS Aggregator plugin to pull in feeds? If so, are you using my add-on plugin described in step 2 on this page:

    Are there posts being created? If not, then they need to be in order to come through in the Posted Link widget. If posts are being created, are they being added to the same category you’re using on the widget?

    In short, feed items need to be created as posts (Feed to Post add-on), added to the right category (same), added with the right WP-Drudge fields (my add on), then displayed in widgets (WP-Drudge theme).

    Hope that helps a bit. If not, let me know if you’re getting stuck anywhere in the tutorial I linked above.

    Hello Josh,
    Thank you, the link with the tutorial that you provided doesn’t show up. Would you please try again? Thanks! Francesca

    PROPER Web

    Sorry about that, looks like it was trying to embed that somehow. Fixed!

    Hello Josh,
    I was successful in installing the plug-in. Now in order to use the feed to post there is a cost involved. Does that sound right? I want to make sure before I make a purchase. BTW, the photo is different than the one that you show for the plug-in. It’s now an bee on an orange square. It shows that I have successfully installed the plug-in…sounds like my last step is the feed to post. Thanks!

    PROPER Web

    Correct. That plugin is the one that creates posts from feed items so you can output them like any other post in the Posted Link widget.

    Oops. I see the text. Yes, I need to make the purchase. Thanks again.


    Can I have the wp rss aggregator do posted links? I would like to display the link only from the RSS.


    If you using wp-drudge theme then there is a widget “WP-Drudge RSS Feed” where you can fetch posted links by RSS feed link.

    Is this kind of think you want??

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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