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    I have discovered that when i have the UI set to NO for Redirect single Posted Link pages that the single link ONLY pages are not being distributed to my subscribers via Jetpack. Is there any solution for this?


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    TexasTaxPayer: I don’t think I follow what you’re asking here. Can you explain a little more what’s happening and what you expected to happen?


    Please excuse this, i am having difficulty figuring it out.

    When I have content on the interrupt page I want it to go there – like here

    When i just post a direct link I want it to skip the interrupt page – like this page – ( its stopping at the interrrupt now but i dont want it to )

    I installed the redirect plugin you provided but when I used it then jetpack skiped sending out a notice to my subscribers.

    I now have the plugin diabled and Redirect single Posted Link pages: set to NO. No sure how to get what i want.

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    I’m not sure what to do about Jetpack but the different redirect based on the content is not possible at the moment. Right now, it will redirect if there is an Outbound Link saved to the post. You could skip adding the Outbound Link and just add a text link to the article at the end of the post content. That would treat it like an on-site post and skip the redirect.

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    Also … I should mention that the newer version of the theme (2.7) the redirect feature is built in and can be set on the Other tab of the options page without a plugin.





    This video @ 10:50

    I want to have some posts go direct to the link
    and others to
    onsite posts first with ” go to link”

    I dont get how to do that.


    How is one to use the Interrupt page along with “Redirect single Posted Link pages:”?

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    The interrupt page shouldn’t be used with the redirect, it says that in the setting description. If you do that, the pages will redirect automatically, leaving you with a redirect loop or just an unusable site.

    The Outbound Link field tells the site to add the “Go To” link on the page. This will appear if you have the interrupt page turned on or if you have a comments link pointing there. If you just write an on-site post without an Outbound Link, that will point all homepage links to the site page but you’ll need to link to the external site somewhere in your content.


    Ok thanks


    How can I use the pdf-embed plugin on the interrupt page?

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