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    I am having a problem in that when i post an article link, the article excerpt appears as it should do on the home page, but if i go to look at the various posts under their category or tag headings, the excerpt posts are all duplicated blurb of whatever was the first post originally posted under that particular cat or tag.

    A work around has been to uncheck the box in wp-drudge options saying Use post excerpt if blurb is empty?: which will just display the headlines, but if i check this box then the problem returns- have a quick look at my site, to give you and idea of what’s happening.

    In the blurb and field settings this problem doesn’t seem to happen if i select ‘use body content in listings, blurb content on post pages’, only when its ‘use blurb content in listings body cont on post pages’

    I hope someone can help me figure out whats going on.




    Any chance of someone from support responding to this please i am sure its a very simple issue ( but very annoying)that can be explained to me very easily, i’ve also sent a message direct via the contact page but still await a reply. I am not experienced in CSS coding etc so don’t really have the skill set to try and sort it out myself, and one of the attractions of purchasing this theme was the prospect of some support for teething issues. thanks.


    Hi Dan

    We have seen your website and go to but did not see any dup;licate text.

    Could you send us your issue as video format or steps for which you get the issue??

    Actually your point is not fully clear to us.

    You can send us screenshots of your issue and admin login credentials ,may be it help us to find solution.


    Hi there – i was using another theme for a while but really woant to come back to Drudge – i am having the same problem , if you look at my site the description /excerpt text is duplicating the first post that was added . an example is or

    any idea why this text is dulicating like this and not just using the text for the post that it belongs to?


    ok – i am getting somewhere – it is because the excerpt on a post is left blank , new question how do i make it so that my post auto populates an excerpt so i don’t have to manually add one please?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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