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    Under widgets and “# of items to show” i can only get a maxiumum of 10 items (story headlines) to show in each column on my homepage. I changed the number to 15 in wp-drudge, yet when i save and view my page later, still only 10 items show. I’ve waited over 24hrs since the change to 15, but still showing only 10. Any ideas on how I can get more than just 10 story headlines to show ? (Am using v2.6)

    PROPER Web

    Jon: which widget are you using?


    i am using wp-drudge v2.6.
    i go into appearance> widgets on the left hand wp menu.
    i have three columns on my homepage (i.e. 3 wp-drudge ‘categories’)

    Under ‘wp-drudge google news feed’, I have selected “# of items to show” and put in 15 and then saved, but it will only still display 10 headlines.
    I’ve even waited 24-48hrs to see if the homepage changes to 15 headlines but it doesn’t.

    i hope I’ve answered your question.

    PROPER Web

    Yes you did. Google only allows 10 or less links from their news feeds so the widget won’t save a higher number. I could do a better job of explaining that in the widget, though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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