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    It would be nice to have the ability to send visitors to an external link OR an internal link on a post by post basis.

    This way, we can send visitors to an original internal article, or to an external one.




    PROPER Web

    You can already do that, just leave the Outbound link field blank and it will point to the blog post on your site.



    ok, so how do i make the Go to this article  link to the sourse?

    PROPER Web

    That only appears when you have an Outbound link. You’ll need to add a link to the article in the body of the post content.



    Im using ITTT to port instapaper likes directly as a posted (outbound) link. Would this be possible? Right now ITTT posts the title with the URL in the body with obviously no outbound link. Could i make a certain tag of posts that are always links from the body? or Is there a plugin that can scrape the URL out of the body of the post and populate the Outbound link field? or could i write a simple PHP? I tried installing the wp drudge redirect with no success.
    Thanks so much


    forgot to add that i am using an older version without page interrupts etc.

    PROPER Web

    Long story short, you need to get the link into the “link” post meta field. If you could somehow separate these posts that are auto-created (with a tag or some kind of note in the body), you could hook the save_post action, look for that flag, parse the content, and save that link. If they all come in as the same format, that shouldn’t be too tough if you’re proficient in PHP.

    If you mean IFTTT, the WordPress action looks like it can be modified to at least give you something to look for. Maybe set a tag of IFTTT-IMPORT and, in save_post, look for posts in that tag, parse out the link, use update_post_meta() to save it to “link,” and you should be golden.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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