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    The _blank, _top, and _none radio buttons under “Target” appear to have no effect on how the link is rendered.

    Looking at drudge_column_links_widget.php, line 119, the global property wpd_display_newtab is read (as set on Drudge Options -> Other). The ability to set the link target on an individual basis is important, so the setting on the Edit Link page should override the global property.

    Also, the “Edit Link” page says, under Description: This will be shown when someone hovers over the link in the blogroll, or optionally below the link. But drudge_column_links_widget.php, line 145 shows the ‘Description’ unconditionally placed as text under the link, i.e., no provision for optional implementation as a “tool tip”. This option would be “nice to have”

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