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Welcome! Support WP-Drudge Install and Upgrade invalid download link

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    Upgraded to the latest WP-Drudge. However, when I go to my account page and attempt the download, it tosses this at me —

    AllAccessDisabledAll access to this object has been disabled3DD6BC7BC9DCAA5CappcI8yft1r7aJUkxnQWwhPbL59Uuluh47dUd4PLs57r/vMefHt6m3cVAg8uJz5u5WEXynoNQGM=

    What is my solution?

    Thank you.


    Any resolution on this? Having the same issue.


    I have the same issue for RankIt theme.. How to fix this and download?


    Same issue here trying to access WP Drudge that I had purchased. Seems to be some sort of permissions issue with Amazon. When will this be resolved? Please don’t make me charge back.


    C’mon Properweb, this is reaching the ridiculous stage. You won’t answer emails and you won’t respond to support questions. I would like this resolved and I would like it resolved now, please. This is what displays when I attempt to download the upgrade —

    AllAccessDisabledAll access to this object has been disabledADCB778A8C39E74FYqFEu+smXOzqOC8a/Q9gTOFdIOWibzPJOuIM92mrMuxgzHk1cegKm55/UJjXawnxdwU3Vhl0XRU=

    Resolution, please.


    This is officially ridiculous. I purchased this product several days ago and the download link doesn’t work. I’ve sent in contact requests, used this message board, and no response! If I don’t hears something by today I will call my credit card company and have my money charged back. Then I will put on blast that this is a total scam.


    Hello Everyone,

    Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It was a server outage and we have resolved the issue now. Please try again and let us know if you face any problem.

    Thank you.


    Thank you very much for getting this resolved. I for one appreciate it. Good day.



    My download link also appears to be invalid, it just takes me to the account page, I don’t see any other way to download it. I purchased the drudge theme, please help!


    Hi Phil,

    Apologize for the delayed response. Can you please contact us here at so that we can send you the direct download link?

    Thank you.


    My download link is also not working. I have tried to contact via ( ) a few times.
    Haven’t received any response, I would appreciate one. thanks


    Hi AJ,

    Please check your account section and let me know if the issue still happen or not.


    Just checked and all seems to work now. Thanks so much
    Can you provide me with an email for contact? I’m not sure if youre receiving any messages via the contact form. I have a few questions I’d like to ask in private.
    thanks again


    Hi AJ,

    You can contact us from link as it is private ,nobody will see this.


    I have not received my download link either, can someone assist me


    I bought your product and sent an email for support and no response. I Even haven’t got a link or any file.


    Same here! What’s up!!!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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