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    I have been playing around with Interrupt Pages and the different settings (on/off in Options/Other tab).

    Right now it seems as though having an automated Interrupt Page is all or nothing … meaning if the option is ON then all posts get the interrupt page and if it is OFF then NO posts get it.

    Is it possible for the editor to determine if a interrupt page is necessary for each individual “POSTED LINK” post… meaning the editor determines whether to create a interrupt page or not for each posted link post… conceptually, this would be just having a interrupt page checkbox on the Create posted link pages.

    If this currently isn’t possible, then we would probably turn off the Interrupt Page option, and the editor would need to do duplicate work in some cases because for the Posted Link posts that do need a interrupt page, then we’d need to create a regular post for it, so that we get a page to link to from other places.



    PROPER Web

    At the moment, no, this is not possible. I think your workaround should do what you want. I’ll consider it for a future version, though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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