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    WHen you’re submitting a link you have the option to select “I created this”, which gives you the relevant badge and applies it to the section on their profile.

    What if I posted a link to my website, on behalf of someone else (who created the linked website), who later joined my website, am I able, from wp-admin, to select them as the creator for that link?

    PROPER Web


    In wp-admin, to so Submissions and search for the one you want to change. On the Edit screen, look for the Author box (if it’s not showing, click on Screen Options on the top right and check the box there) and you can change that to any user on your site. Then, make sure the “Author is creator” box is checked, and save it. Good to go!


    So – is there no way to have the author and creator be separate people?

    If the creator shows up and joins the conversation, it would be great to give them the creator badge but continue to give credit to the user who submitted the content.

    PROPER Web

    I agree, I like how Product Hunt can do that. At the moment, though, only the single author/attribution is supported.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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