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    I did something funky this morning — not quite sure what — but I lost my admin access (404 errors) and then my server support people made things worse. Bottom line: I’m rebuilding from scratch. Started new blog, re-imported WEP-Drudge but WP-Options page is just showing tabs, no options. Is this because I only have one license? I can’t access the themes page to deacivate on other blog. 2. Are there some key files I can copy over via FTP that will hold my advanced formatting? Thanks in advance for any quick help you can provide.

    PROPER Web


    No, the license would not affect the Options page. It’s hard to say how to fix that without knowing what happened in the first place. It’s likely that a JavaScript file isn’t loading properly.

    Wish I could be of more help here…

    OC Larry

    I guess the simple question for the options would be: Do I need to deactivate the first blog befrore I can use it in the second blog? Because it’s not acting properly on the second blog.

    OC Larry

    OK, via Google WP codex spelunking I finally gained admin access by opening wpd theme/function.php file and adding this code:
    update_option(‘siteurl’,’’); (subsituting my URL for example)
    That allowed me to regain admin access. Then I did snapshot resets. Blog was showing only one column, so I deactivated theme and then reactivated. It’s working now. My question is will that code do any harm in the function php file if I leave it there. I’d rather not touch anything anymore since it’s working.
    Sorry for the number of messages. I had just gone live with the site this morning and then this happened…:)

    PROPER Web

    You shouldn’t need that there, really. That option is under Settings > General and you can change it there. Whatever you’re setting in the functions.php file can just be saved there (in fact, it should be what you’re setting in that PHP code since that’s what the code is there for). I’m hesitant to give direct advice here, though, without seeing the rest of the setup.

    The other problem is that an upgrade will remove that code, putting you back to where you started. If you need it there, add it to wp-config.php in the site’s root directory.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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