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    I’m afraid my patience has run out this issue has been going on for 3 weeks now. So I would like a full refund for my recent Google News plugin purchases from Properweb. I am going to look for an alternative.


    this is very disappointing i am having the same issue, any update?


    I’d agree, since this has been going for a some time now, and no response from the support, I’d like a full refund for my purchase too. Thanks.


    Just purchased a couple of days ago. It does not work, with the same error as others report. May I have a refund?


    How hard can it be to fix the damn plugin?? You said it would be done 2 weeks ago. Please keep your word and either fix it or else get on here and tell everyone that you will not do it. At least be honest so we can find alternatives. It’s a critical piece of one of our sites. I would appreciate a prompt response.


    Seriously, is this ever going to get fixed? My site depends on this…please keep your promises and fix this.


    Why is nobody addressing this issue?


    Why is this issue being ignored? If you can’t fix it, refund us our money!


    From what I can find online it looks like Josh is gone. Obviously the newbies either don’t know how to fix this or don’t care. I went through a great deal of back and forth with support and they even uploaded a “fix” that fixed this except it had other problems and so it can’t be used.

    I have looked for a number of months for another plugin that would provide the same functionality as this one does – haven’t found one yet.

    Does anyone know of something that the frustrated users here could investigate?

    If anyone wants to email me at innovation999 at I would be happy to pass along any useful information.

    One final thought for the new operators of this web presence . . .

    This lack of response will not encourage anyone to buy any of your products. It will affect your bottom line if it hasn’t already as reputation is everything.

    Just letting us all know what is going on would be kind – even if you aren’t prepared or simply can’t do anything.

    We all await your response.


    The support team obviously helps others with issues on this site but for some reason are ignoring us and this problem. We paid money for this plugin and expect a little help. You promised a fix a month ago. If you can’t fix the problem, let us know and refund our money. Otherwise, please fix it so we can all move on.


    They don’t know how to fix it. Have had plenty of time to address this and choose to ignore users. I will not be renewing the Google News for WordPress license nor the theme next year.


    Hello All,

    As a temporary fix please add this to your css which will hide the first Line item on the news feed and stop the hide the “This RSS feed URL is deprecated” being shown.

    ul.widget_links.wpgnews_widget_links li:first-of-type{display: none;}

    To Proper Support: Please either fix this issue properly or refund me and all others. If I don’t hear back on this soon I will be instructing my credit card company to recover my recent payments made to you for the of faulty plugin + zero support.


    Prit, I appreciate the temp fix. Is there a way you can show us where to add this code? I am not very good with this stuff and don’t want to wreck the code.


    Prit, I figured it out. If anyone needs help with this, let me know. Tha KS again for the fix, Prit 👍😁


    *Thanks again…


    I’m a WP-Drudge theme user and having the same ‘deprecated’ issue as people with the Google News plugin.

    I appreciate Prits css workaround but I am no wordpress expert and have no clue about CSS.
    I was warned by other bloggers not to trust ProperWeb and their theme WP-DRUDGE…it’s a one-man band operation that can’t give support.
    I’ve had it with the WP-DRUDGE theme…I am going to cut my losses and just dump it and find another theme.


    Thanks Prit, this does work as described! Paste his line of code in the ‘additional CSS’ section under WP-Drudge Options.

    Appearance>WP-Drudge Options>Advanced>Additional CSS

    ul.widget_links.wpgnews_widget_links li:first-of-type{display: none;}


    It’s amazing that they are still selling this plugin. It’s broken but still listed in the products section and you can still buy it


    Hello Jeff and all

    I have followed your path:
    Appearance>WP-Drudge Options>Advanced>Additional CSS

    When i get there i see the following already in the ‘Additional CSS’ box:
    .the-content iframe {max-width: 100%}

    Do I delete .the-content iframe {max-width: 100%} and replace it with your suggested code OR just leave that line there and type your code below it ? i.e. should Additional CSS box look like the below…

    .the-content iframe {max-width: 100%}
    ul.widget_links.wpgnews_widget_links li:first-of-type{display: none;}


    Any update on the fix? Otherwise I will file for a refund for this plugin.

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