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    Hi Josh,

    Am having an issue with the featured image on featured video posts. If I post a video (putting the link inside the post, it shows up on the post but will not scrape the video thumbnail as the featured image. I added a plugin for that, and it works. The problem is that it will not show up on the home page (seems like we need to add the video link to the “posted link video” box). This will not scrape.

    If I post the video inside the post itself, I get the video and a featured image that I cannot remove.
    Is there a way to post the video link inside the actual post and get it to show up on the homepage?

    Thanks in advance,


    PROPER Web

    Hi Burt,

    I’m happy to help but I’m a little confused what you’re asking here. Featured images will show in the posted link widget instances (homepage and any sidebars). A link to a valid, embeddable source in the “Posted Link video” field will also show up, so adding both will show both. The theme does not do any kind of scraping, just display what you add. I can’t speak to what the plugin you added is doing at all, just what the theme does on it’s own.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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