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    Is there a way in which I can basically create a category to use as a “Blog” that would act the same way a standard WordPress category blog would?

    What I am trying to do is create a BLOG Menu item on the top of the page that goes to a “blog” category” in which all posts in that category will show as they normally would in a standard WP install (show title, image, and post snippets etc). Currently I haven’t been able to create a blog section on the site without it ending up looking and functioning like another version of the front page. My intent is to have a blog section which offers some commentary on certain links which are on the main page…

    PROPER Web

    BMHayes … you’re actually the second person in just as many weeks to ask about this. Let me see if there’s an easy way to throw that into a plugin for you folks to use. If not, I’ll add something to the next release.


    That would be greatly appreciated…


    I’ll 3rd that request. That would be super useful to have.

    PROPER Web

    I made a child theme to add this page template. This will be included the in the next release coming out in a month or two but I thought I’d give everyone a chance to test it out. Child theme is here:

    WP-Drudge Child Theme with Blog Page

    A few notes on child themes are here:

    WP-Drudge child theme

    Long story short … download that theme and add it like you would any other theme. Then activate it to get the page template you need. It will take all the theme files from the main WP-Drudge theme but add a new page template. Now, create a new page and select “Blog listing” from the “Template” drop-down on the right. You should have a listing of all the recent posts.

    Let me know if this fits what you’re looking for and thank for your patience while I put this together!


    None of those links work. Is there still a way to create a normal WordPress blog using the theme? That’s a feature I’d really like. Thanks.


    The second link worked, but not the first. Is there an easy way to have a simple blog, or is it required to make a child theme? Thanks.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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