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    Password reset, new user email to admin, etc are all sending out, but the confirmation email to new users isn’t being sent.

    Have logged emails through plugin and mandrill and nothing is being sent at all.

    Have googled around for a solution and it sounds like it may related to theme?

    Any thoughts?

    PROPER Web

    Jason … sorry for the trouble. I haven’t heard this reported before but I’ll test it out locally. Try turning off the front-end login and see if that changes anything in the meantime.


    It works now, but I would really prefer the pop-up login. Deactivated a few plugins I thought may be impacting and then everyone. No luck in getting the email to work. Sends to the admin that the account has been set-up, but nothing to user.

    PROPER Web

    I’ll take a look on the next version and post a fix if I can release one early.


    Cool. Thanks. Until then, is there a plug you recommend that will trigger off a new user to send a welcome email. Not really worried about sending them their credentials, just would like a welcome email of some sort to go out.

    PROPER Web

    Nothing comes immediately to mind but I’m sure there is one out there. It’s also a pretty simple hook to use, user_register


    i am having the same issue of no email confirmation for new users or subscribers. is there a setting? or is this an issue? i also want to send a welcome email, looks like that is a plug in, correct?


    Hi Mathew ,

    For rankit theme email will goes to admin only for new user registration.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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