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  • James Cahill

    Hello Greetings

    I have been installing various (10 different) Google Maps plugins and they all work with the theme except that the Markers on the map wont show.

    Each plugin tested after they were activated

    no markers pins. (you can click the location and info box shows, just the pin wont show)

    if I switch theme to 2015 or other default theme it works

    So I know it has to do with the theme

    I read that maybe the jquery was old with the theme, so I updated that and still didnt work

    So I am asking if you have any ideas

    Here is the page
    if you click the address underneath map the info window will pop but no marker pins

    Ill say again, I tried 10 different google map plugins all with same effect
    Thanks for any help

    PROPER Web


    Sorry for the trouble here. I’m not seeing markers either but I’m also not seeing any errors at all. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start to figure out what’s causing the issue.

    RE: jQuery … I use the version that is shipped with WordPress and there are no JS errors showing up.

    James Cahill

    If you can test on some copies of your theme, with different google map plugins, and see if you can get one to work, id appreciate it…

    James Cahill

    Like to know if its just me or not

    PROPER Web

    Can you give me a few steps to recreate, along with one of the plugins you used? I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with these plugins.

    James Cahill

    Plugins to test: (any of these)
    Google Maps Easy
    Magic Google Maps
    Hero Maps Pro
    Simple Locator

    install any of the above
    see if you can get a map marker to show on the map
    if not
    switch theme to twenty fifteen or any basic wordpress theme and see if map marker shows (it does for me)

    Thanks for the help

    PROPER Web

    Once I install the plugin, how do I get a map to appear like you are? I don’t know how any of those work.

    James Cahill

    they each have a shortcode you can place on a page..

    for the simple map plugin (one on the page now) its [simplemap]

    go to the plugin and configure settings and add a location and see if it shows

    Hope that helps

    Appreciate the time

    PROPER Web

    OK, yeah, I’m seeing the same thing but I have no clue why that would be happening. I do my best to stay compatible with popular plugins out there and I’ll take a look on the next version. In the meantime, if you happen onto anything that might be causing this, in my theme or not, please check back in.

    Sorry for the rouble here

    James Cahill

    Well if I am lucky, this problem will haunt your sleep till you find an answer

    Said with much respect, I enjoy your theme

    God Bless

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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