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    Hello guys
    since I made the Plugin update has not disappeared the background of the widget becoming transparent or white. I have already tried to make the following changes but nothing happen:
    backgroundcolor = green
    bgcolor = green

    Can you help me?

    PROPER Web


    Sorry for the trouble here. Can you post a link to where I can see this?



    I solved,
    it was enough to edit the “front.css” file of the plugin to get the desired result.

    Thanks anyway for the answer Josh.

    Another question which, however, are not able alone to be answered: how can I make it bigger text field of the description? This my website: the Proper-contact module is on the right side of the website.

    PROPER Web

    Glad you got it figured out! I’ve been meaning to add better ability to make style changes.

    You can edit that front.css and add at the bottom:

    .proper_contact_form textarea {height: 6em}

    Adjust that number up or down to increase/decrease


    Thanks Josh!
    you can change the color of text in the submit button when the user moves the mouse over? It currently appears gray and I would change it. In addition, the button is possiile put it in the middle? Thanks again.

    PROPER Web

    Happy to help. It looks like your theme is colliding with the styles for that button added by the plugin. Add this at the end of the CSS file:

    .proper_contact_form input[type=submit]:hover {color: white;border-color: #028dff;background-color: #028dff;}


    Thank you so much for what he is doing for me, Josh. Last thing I have not figured out is how to put the center of the submit button?

    Sorry for my English, by Google 🙂

    PROPER Web


    .proper_contact_form input[type=submit] {width: 100%}


    thank you so much

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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