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    Apologies in advance, I’m just getting started with this theme and really love it so far. I’d like to ask the following questions.

    1) What is the configuration option/setting to replace Site Title with an Image? I want to create something similar to what Drudge has with shadow effect, etc.

    2) For the STATIC link postings only, I’d like to tighten up the line spacing so they are all closer together similar to drudge site. Is there a way I can do this without changing the line spacing for POSTED links which I want to leave alone?

    3) I’d like to embed a simple form in Column 3 that allows one to add 2-3 fields of info only. Any recommended plugin for this that might work well? I see drudge just has a blank box only…that may be okay, but I’d like to provide a bit more guidance where one can post TEXT and then URL along with their email address.

    4) How to adjust the header to match Drudge? I see Drudge has an image and then small size text links at the very top, and then a single LARGE text link just above the title. I’m not sure how to set multiple/smaller size text links at the very top (with a possible image above it), and then still be able to have one very large TEXT link just above the title. I can only see a way to provide one featured area only, not two….

    5. I added an ad widget but the image auto-centers. Is there a way to change it to left-alignment? Also, is there a way to add very tiny type that says Advertisement immediately under the ad widget to match the Drudge look?

    6. Width of images for postings. I see there is an option to set the max image width for images/videos. I use both images and videos. Is there a way that I can fully control the image width — depending upon landscape or portrait image layout, I would like to have two options for these. Also, the width option is forcing my youtube videos to appear small in width (due to 200 width setting). I can’t increase the width setting very much, because then it blows up the height of my portrait images….

    I guess an easier way to ask above, can I fully control image width on a per image basis, and also control the image width for the youtube player separately?

    SORRY FOR ALL THESE QUESTIONS. As you can see, I’m just getting started but love the promise of this theme. I will most likely need to secure professional hours for a consult to make sure I’m using this theme in the proper way.

    John Kranz

    PROPER Web


    No need to apologize, happy to help where I can!

    1. wp-admin > Appearance > Header
    2. Go here – – read the instructions at the top, and look for “Remove spacing between static links” on that page
    3. You can try the PROPER Contact Form – – but there are quite a few of them out there.
    4. This docs page should help –
    5. Not by default for either one of those. To change the ad alignment, add #wrapper .banner-container {text-align: left} to the additional CSS box (same one as #2 above). If you’re using ad code, like what you get from AdSense or similar, you can add Advertisement below the block of code you’re using.
    6. Just the single setting there at the moment. I’ll be reviewing some of the styling on the site for the next version but not going to adding more features than what’s there.

    Hope that helped a bit! Glad you’re enjoying the theme so far!


    Thanks very much for this help! There was one unintended consequence on #5.

    Now my drudge ad which is meant to appear centered atop the page is left-aligned 🙁

    All the other items are perfectly aligned, though.

    PROPER Web

    Sorry about that! Try this instead:

    .link-col .banner-container {text-align: left}


    Oh, and just another heads-up. I added your recommended CSS code to remove line spacing for STATIC links, but the line spacing is still unchanged. Here is what I added that didn’t seem to take:

    `.link-col .wpd-static-links li {padding: 0; margin:


    let me try again:

    .link-col .wpd-static-links li {padding: 0; margin: 0}

    PROPER Web


    .spacing-tight .widget-box ul li {padding: 0; margin: 0}


    You’re awesome…that did the trick!

    The only remaining issue I have now is how to try and overwrite my left alignment for all other images so my top page Ad can be centered properly. (I’m using the Drudge Ad widget and have inserted custom HTML into it)….but it looks like the change I made above to get all images left aligned is also grabbing the tag for this block and I’m not sure how to get control back.

    I’d love to keep everything left aligned but get my ad block to appear centered at page top as shown at my temp URL:

    PROPER Web

    Take out the first snippet I sent. You want to replace:

    #wrapper .banner-container {text-align: left}

    … with:

    .link-col .banner-container {text-align: left}

    You only want that last one there.


    Brilliant. Your support is the best!

    Great list of questions! It is very useful! I used most of them or will use them going forward. I have an additional question on the static links remove spacing question. I used the code you recommended Josh to remove the spacing from static links, and it worked.

    However, now I need to remove the underline of the static links, but keep the other posted links to remain underlined like The Drudge Report. My static links are correctly spaced but each one has and underline.



    I have successfully made the spacing smaller for the static links. Now each link has an underline under the underline…how can I make it look like the Drude Report where he has a long list of links? I already entered the code to make the spacing tighter.

    Ah ha! I found the solution under Borders and Colors on WP-Drudge. I de-selected add boarder to static links. It worked. Thanks anyway Josh!

    PROPER Web

    Thanks for checking back in and glad you got it figured out!

    Good morning again Josh,
    This beginner TL is very helpful. I have a couple of questions that may assist others as well.

    1. I have purchased and added the post to feed wp aggregator. Now my twitter is auto tweeting from my feed sources randomly even though I selected review before post. I have taken off my twitter icon so that doesn’t occur anymore. Is this a wp-post to feed developer question? Have you had this happen before? Do you have a social media plug-in that you recommend?

    2. I have the code that your provided in order to insert the three dots after a link, like on the Drudge. However, I just need to add it to a filter. What is a filter? I did go to your tutorial on hooks and filters, but I still don’t understand where to put the code? Is it a plug-in?

    3. When the real Drudge auto-updates all of his old posts magically go away at once, and he can customize numerous posts (links) to post at the same time. Does WP Drudge do this? I don’t know what to do with my old posts.

    4. Is there a way to put the list of aggregators in specific categories. Say for example, “Francesca’s aggregators”, and then a group of my aggregators pulls up. Then another group, say “Bob’s aggregators”, so his group comes up, and each of us can view our own aggregators and select from that group. Currently, it’s one long list of aggregators.

    5. Where do I place the code for “search google news?” Do you happen to have the code?

    6. When I go to “all posts”, they all come up listed in a tight verticle line format. It was working before, but after I added the wp post-to-feed aggregator the format changed and is difficult to read.

    Thank you, I am so pleased with the WP-Drudge and your support. Where can I leave a great review?


    PROPER Web


    Happy to help!

    1) I haven’t heard of that, no. It depends on how you have your auto-tweet setup but it’s different for each one. I’ve heard good things about Twitterfeed, which is a 3rd party site you use rather than a plugin.

    2) You need to either create a child theme or a plugin. It’s a development task so not for everyone but there are some guidelines here:

    3) As far as I know, he’s editing an HTML file directly, hence the large changes at once. You can schedule posts to publish in the future and schedule multiple to go live at once.

    4) Yes, needs to be done in the Feed to Post add-on. It’s under “Step 3” on this tutorial, Taxonomies specifically:

    5) Not sure what you mean here. Custom code can go in Text widgets, though, depending on where you want it to show up.

    6) I’m not sure what “All Posts” points to …

    I’d be happy to post your review on the homepage, just send a link to your site and what you have to say to hi [at] theproperweb [dot] com and I’ll put it up!

    Thanks again!

    Hello Josh,

    1. Thanks, I will try twitter feed soon. (been working like mad on #4)

    2. I’ll have to hold off on the filter/child theme. Sounds a little high level for me.

    3. I was able to post multiple postings at once using the all posts, and then selecting bulk actions, then checking off the posts that I wanted to bulk post, selecting the category I wanted them to appear under, and then using the drop down menu and selecting publish. However, all of the posts links had to be in one color. I couldn’t find a way to bulk change the colors of the links. So it is an extra step, but okay if I want to post all in black my default color. Please let me know if I’m wrong on this. Also, I set a time to schedule some postings as well. They never appeared. Is there a default time-zone that over rides the one that I set up in my settings section? I’m in MST. Thanks, I’m very excited about using the bulk post and scheduling features!

    4. I am working on this to no avail! I followed all of the steps in Taxonomies. Everything gives me the green light, and matches all of your double checks listed. I created a sub category called Bobby’s feeds. I have the feeds “green lighted” under the new feeds section in RSS Aggregator. I can not link them for the life of me. I have watched a couple of videos. I’m missing a step. I have the multiple aggregators all set up, and I have my sub category called Bobby’s posts all set up. I just can’t get them to show up as a group. i.e. Bobby’s feeds and a list of all of the feeds I want to put in the sub-category called Bobby’s feeds. Any help would be appreciated.

    5. I will find the custom code for a google search bar and place it under text widgets. Thanks, I forgot about that feature.

    6. I found the solution! I just went to my all posts section under my dashboard. Above the posts there is an arrow that says screen options which I selected. I just had to deselect some of the categories, and it made room for the detailed titles etc. of my posts. I placed this here in case someone else runs across this.

    7. Great Josh! I also plan on leaving a positive review in your Proper plug-in section as well! I will work on it during the weekend.



    I am having the same problem.
    I did what you said here
    “4) Yes, needs to be done in the Feed to Post add-on. It’s under “Step 3” on this tutorial, Taxonomies specifically:

    I have created a category for the RSS Aggregator feed to be placed into. I placed it into Fetch to Post Taxonomies for this particular feed, I have fetched the posts (and i am having them directly published)… but then i go to posts and filter for the category both under drafts and published, there are no posts at all. Ok now they show up, but is only showing 7 and not 10?



    I hope I’m in the right place to ask this question. I am attempting to add static links to column 1 and 3 of my website and when I do this, my blogroll from the top of my page populates the static links that I am attempting to create. So, I have the static links all set but can’t remove the content from the blogroll. I would like to remove the blogroll info from the static links and create new content for the static links. Can anyone advise? Here is my current website:


    Please disregard. I found my answer. DM

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