Rank It WP (1 domain)

Rank It WP is a WordPress theme that allows logged-in site visitors to submit links, rank content with upvotes, and discuss listings. The inspiration for this theme was Product Hunt (producthunt.com), a great site for curated product listings, and Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com), a smart and vibrant online tech community. We combined the best features of both of these sites to create a simple way to build a site that curates and ranks discovered content of all kinds.

Features include:

  • Front-end login and registration for new users with spam control
  • Front-end link submission including categorization and creator badge
  • Links listed by “hot” algorithm (like Hacker News or Reddit) or by date (grouped by submission day)
  • Fully responsive for all device sizes
  • On-page new comment submission and replies
  • Streamlined user profile editing
  • One-click updates in the wp-admin screen

All future features are listed here, highlights are below. The purchase price includes one year of updates so you will receive the following when they are complete:

  • Admin control over colors, fonts, and borders
  • Site interaction – comments, voting, submission – controlled by role
  • More wp-admin moderation controls
  • Widgets to show recent and top submissions,most-engaged users
  • User karma system

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