PROPER Widgets

PROPER Widgets are well-coded, functional widgets for any WordPress installation. Included in this package:

  • Article Widget: to display a title, subtitle, blurb of text, and a link to more
  • Author Widget: display users by role on your site along with meta data
  • Comments Widget: display comments on your site with a custom header feature
  • Google News Lite Widget: to display a feed of Google News links using a keyword or phrase
  • Linked Image Widget: to display an image linked to another web page
  • Links Widget: to display a list of links using the core WordPress links functionality (better implementation of the core Links widget)
  • Posts Widget: to display a list of posts (better implementation of the core Recent Posts widget)
  • RSS Widget: to display a list of links from any RSS feed (better implementation of the core RSS widget)
  • Embed widget: to display a any valid WordPress oEmbed URL
  • Built-in styling to make sure the widgets play nice with your theme
  • Ability to hide or display each of the widgets above
  • Ability to hide core widgets being replaced by this plugin

Use this plugin as-is on any site or just use the code contained here to add functionality to custom themes.

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