Google News for WordPress

Want to make your site more dynamic? Want to include the latest news stories about your topic? The Google News for WordPress plugin was made for you! This plugin gives content creators and publishers multiple options to pull in the latest headlines from one of the leaders in news aggregation: Google News. Set your keywords, pick your display options, and watch the headlines roll in wherever you choose.

This is an excellent product, and I highly recommend it. One of my biggest concerns was support, and I am happy to report that this product has excellent support, with questions answered in a timely manner. It is also set up to be very user friendly, with self explanatory menus and tools. It has a lot of excellent features, especially the google news post tool, which allows you to easily create a blog post that is taken straight from the headlines of Google news. This is a great product. – H.S.

The Google News for WordPress plugin gives site owners several options to display headlines, dates, descriptions, and thumbnail images on their site:

  • Use the Google News Widget to show news headlines in any sidebar, footer, or other widgetized area.
  • Use the Google News Shortcode to display customized headlines right in your posts, pages, and custom content types.
  • Automatically display relevant news headlines at the end of your blog posts with custom-configured keywords and display options.
  • Use the Google News Post page to create new posts from a Google News feed right in the wp-admin screen.

wp-google-news-screen The Google News for WordPress plugin is flexible, cached for performance, and coded to work well in any theme. Just download the plugin, install it on any WordPress site, and choose your keywords. The Google News widget, shortcode, or auto-feed will pull in the latest headlines automatically. Simple!

This plugin is currently on its first release and offered at a special discount price. The next release will include the Google News Post functionality, which initial buyers will receive as an upgrade for free. After this first release, the price will increase so act now!


Once the Google News for WordPress plugin is installed, it’s ready to be added to any of four theme locations:

  • In a widget area (like the sidebar or footer) using a widget
  • Within the post content using a shortcode
  • Bottom of the post content automatically

These locations are covered below. All settings and configuration happen in each location so there is no settings page to manage.  All the different areas have the following settings:

  1. “Title” is the widget title to display
  2. “Keyword or phrase” are the keyword(s) that drive the Google News listing
  3. “Number of links to show” determines how many links will display; Google News restricts this to a maximum of 10 (Edit: recently reduced from 20 to 10)
  4. “Show thumbnail, if available” will display a thumbnail on the left or right side of the link, if desired; bear in mind that some headlines do not have thumbnail images associated
  5. “Show description, if available” will display the story excerpt, if one is included; value is in number of characters
  6. “Description length” sets the length of the story excerpt; using a “0”here will display the complete excerpt
  7. “Show date” will display the publish date of the story, as provided by Google News
  8. “Disable cache” will load the results on the page for each page load; this should be left deselected unless you’re seeing errors or having problems with the feed loading


Google News for WordPress has a number of settings you can use to set defaults for the different ways to show headlines and select a language. Go to Settings > Google News Options to set the language as well as default text and settings for the widget, shortcode, and post content insert.

Screenshot 2014-07-25 11.05.03Google News Widget

The easiest way to add headlines to your site is to drop the widget in a sidebar area.

  1. In the wp-admin, to go Appearance > Widgets
  2. Look for the “Google News Headlines” widget in the “Available Widgets” area
  3. Either click the widget, select an area, and click Add Widget or drag the widget into the area you want to use
  4. The widget form will expand with options for display (see above for details on these settings)
  5. Once the settings are configured how you’d like, click Save and view your site to see how it’s displaying

Google News Shortcode

If you want to add Google News headlines in the middle of content, use the shortcode [[google_news]] with the attributes below. More information on how shortcodes work here. To use the default, simple exclude the attribute.

This shortcode, for example, would display a block of 5 links for the keyword “wordpress” with a 100 character description, and the thumbnail on the left:

[google_news title="" keyword="wordpress" num_posts="5" blurb_length="100" show_thumb="left"]

  • title: Set this attribute to include a title above the block of links; default is “Google News,” leave blank to suppress the title
  • keyword: Set this attribute to set the keywords for the links; default is empty which will not display any links
  • num_posts: Set this attribute to show a specific number of links between 1 and 10; default is 10
  • show_blurb: Set this attribute to “1” to show the excerpt and “0” to hide it; default is 1
  • blurb_length: Set this attribute to control the length of the excerpt; default is “0” to show the complete excerpt
  • show_date: Set this to “1” to show the date and “0” to hide it; default is “1”
  • show_thumb: Set this to “no” to suppress the thumbnail, “left” for a thumbnail on the left, and “right” for a thumbnail on the right; default is “right”
  • disable_cache: Set this attribute to “1” to turn the cache off; default is “0” to leave the cache on

Google News After Post and Page Content

The final way to display Google News links on your WordPress site is to use the built-in post options that are created when the plugin is installed and activated. In the Post or Page edit screen, scroll down past the main content box and you’ll see a box of fields titled “Google News for WordPress.” Refer to the settings above to add links automatically to the bottom of the content piece that you’re editing. By default, the “Keyword or phrase” field is empty, which will exclude links for that Post or Page.

To hide this box on a specific content type, click the Screen Options tab on the top right of the edit screen and deselect the “Google News for WordPress” option under “Show on Screen.”

Create Posts from a Google News Story

New in 1.1 (released 9/12/2014) is the Google News Post Creator. Just search a keyword or phrase and create a new post with the title, image, excerpt, and link. Each search will be saved as a link that can be reused later.


  1. In wp-admin, go to Posts > Google News Post
  2. In the search box, enter a keyword or phrase and click Search
  3. The table below will populate with the latest 10 news stories
  4. Click on the title of the article to view the original page
  5. Click Create Post to start a new post using the text from Google News; the post will not be published or saved automatically
  6. Make changes to what was imported and publish as usual