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Every new blog needs one of these … it’s a first post!

Welcome to the second iteration of PROPER Web Development. This site was originally launched in early 2013 to contain my products, open source repos, and general musings about web engineering. It was just a basic one-page site with links to what I was doing. Without the time and motivation to put out new plugins, themes, and scripts, the site was little more than a placeholder.

Fast forward to April 2014 and I was finally truly ready to offer my engineering skills to the world in the form of open source and for-sale software. The site you see here is the result of a year’s worth of planning and 2 weeks of execution (the site itself, at least … the software itself is a culmination of a few years worth of work). I’m very excited to start getting these ideas out of my head and onto your website. You can read more about me and my journey to this point here.

The main focus of this site is the Products section. This lists all of my open source and for-sale software in one place. you can read more about each product, purchase or download the ones you’re interested in, and donate to show appreciation for my free offerings. Downloadable products are distributed right from this site and are available right after purchase. Other packages might be housed on the WordPress.org plugin repo or on GitHub.

The blog section you’re in now is one part PROPER Web Development updates (new products, releases, changes to the site) and one part knowledge sharing on web engineering in general, specific techniques I use in PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript, and my thoughts on running a product business like this one. At launch, content is a little thin as that’s not my main concentration. I have a pile of plugin and theme ideas that are clamoring to hear the light of day. Interested in hearing what’s coming up? Subscribe to updates via email in the sidebar on the right.

One component that’s not live as of this writing¬†is the documentation section. Themes are typically marketed and documented on their own site (like WP-Drudge’s documentation section). I truly enjoy technical writing and creating videos that show how things work so I don’t see this as a burden to bear, just usually the last thing that gets done. I want to create a central, easy-to-use place to show how these various packages work, whether free or paid.

Thank you in advance for your attention, support, purchases, feedback, and everything else you’re willing to give. I’m incredibly excited to finally get this project live and start getting my ideas out to the world.

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