Do you do custom development?

I’m open to custom/one-off projects, collaborations, and equity/profit-sharing proposals. I’m always looking for new products to build and add here so the perfect project is one that’s universally useful and can be abstracted to be used in many different cases. If you have a great idea and are willing to give me the rights to distribute the finished product, I’ll split the cost of the development (or better).

I’m also interested in working with new or experienced developers looking to get their idea out in the world. I can help with engineering, positioning, and other components of the creation and sales process. Maybe you’re just getting started and don’t know where to begin or have an idea but not the skills to make it a reality. I’d be more than happy to have a conversation to see how I can help.

Fall into one of these two categories? Let’s talk.

How was this site built?

This site runs on WordPress, of course, and was built using the Underscores theme as a starter, WooCommerce for the shop, and bbPress for the support section. The PROPER logo and colors were put together by my friend and very talented designer, Preston Grubbs. The site itself was designed in Balsamiq and finished in the browser. No Photoshop! I wrote about the process and the plugins used here.

What’s the deal with the all-caps “PROPER?”

It looked so good in the design, I had to pass it over to text. It’s a little bit of play on the CAPS LOCK YELLING trope too.

What’s the logo all about?

Really glad you asked. It’s a combination of the HMTL5 logo and a web browser, complete with navigation buttons. See it now?